What is Vnu Mngr?

Vnu Mngr is an enterprise software solution that helps venue operators to increase exposure, sales and at the same time reduce cost & work overload.

  1. State of art mobile friendly venue website with bookings forms.
  2. Guest relation management & preferences with spending history.
  3. Activity calendar viewing Sales, Bookings & Reservations.
  4. Online transaction for services through venue website.
  5. (Table Reservation, Venue Bookings, Bottle Service, Event Tickets, Food Delivery, Deals & Gift Cards)
  6. Guest conversation history across all bookings.
  7. Secure online payment (AMEX, VISA, MasterCard & Discover & Bitcoin)
  8. Marketing tools (SMS, Email, Newsletter, Social Media & Paid Ads)
  9. Remote application for the door and floor staff.
  10. Analytics reports (Charts, Excel Sheets, Invoices & Promoters Tally)
  11. Voicemail, Transcript & SMS communication.
  12. Staff recruiting system.
  13. Staff scheduling.
  14. POS integration.
  15. Security cams monitoring & many more tools.

What is VnuMngr What is VnuMngr