Database Migration

While we were developing Vnu Mngr we had one main goal in mind, which is to
"Simplify the process of getting any task done and crush it into few clicks"

You will not need any of the software listed below, you can use marketplaces like GrubHub or Eventbrite to drive traffic and exposure to your new venue website, but the majority of the transaction will happen on your new venue website, No copy & paste client contacts, no missing documents or data, no paper notes or having to use a fax machine, and as a venue operator, we know how stressful and complicated it can be to use different software and 3rd party websites that just do one task only.

We understand that you have been using many other solutions to run your business and you have a database or content on DOC, XLS, CSV, PDF, or other file formats, we can migrate the database and content from any software you have been using before to work with Vnu Mngr website and dashboard, you will not need any single solution software again unless it's a marketplace that drives booking leads to your new website. 

We can migrate your data from the following services and implement it in Vnu Mngr system :
Bentobox , CoatChex , ConstantContact , EzCater , EventBrite , Facebook Messenger , GatherHere , Google Calendar , Google Docs , Groupon , Harri , HotSchadule, Hootsuite , Inlist , Livingsocial , Locu , Mailchimp , Microsoft office , MyGuestlist , NightPass , NightPro , OpenTable , Ovation , Resy, Restaurantconnect , Rollerdigital , Seated, Seamless , SevenRooms ,  Seated, Slicktext , SquareSpace , TableList , TicketFly , TicketLeap , TicketWeb , TicketMaster, Tripleseat , Tock , TviDesign, Yelp Reservations , PopMenu , Personica , UrVenue , Vonage , Wix.

Vnumngr service Data Migration